PS3 version?

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I'm pretty sure I saw a trailer for this game on a specialised PS3 site, but here on GS it only says PC ...

Anyone heard about a PS3 version?

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Well, cyberpunks are pretty loyal pc gamers so a console version might be perceived as a slap in the face.

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The Wikipedia page for the game shows PC and PS4 currently.

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They haven't confirmed anything besides PC ATM . As for PS3 version , it will never be able to handle graphics fidelity of CP 2077
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Sorry to say (No sarcasm or douche baggery here I'm really trying to tell you) by the time this game is released were barely gonna even see new releases for the 360 or PS3. It isn't slated for release until 2015-16 (which fucking means 16) and thats plenty of time for the XB1 and PS4 to get their feet wet with plenty of exclusives and new games.