Cyberpunk 2077 interview in Gamescom 2018

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Some tough questions in Gamescom 2018 leak important info.

- Skill leveling is usage-based; like in Skyrim (melee skill, short range weapons skill, long range weapon skill).
- Companions: Possibility that we have more than one. Also there is a possiblity of Android companion with removable parts, but the Art director did not confirm it directly. but you don't control them directly.
- Huge in length, bigger even than Witcher 3.
- Graphics that we've seen in the behind-the-scenes gameplay video will change, especially in the environment.
- The game has crafting, a big variety of weapons and weapon scaling according to rarity.
- Weapon mods
- Street cred is a separate XP-like pool.
- Street cred provides access to vendors, weapon mods, mission options
- Relationships with other NPCs (even gay relationships or even sex with 3 or more characters).
- Ripper docs are a mechanic in-game that provides you access to cyberware.
- Multiplayer (co-op/competitive)? RnD phase, maybe provided post-launch.