A great hardcore game, but a bit frustrating

User Rating: 8 | Cyber Shadow PS4

Unfortunately nowadays retro arcade ninja games like "Cyber Shadow" are not a common sight. In the deep sea of indie games this really makes "Cyber Shadow" stand out.

Stages remind a lot of Ninja Gaiden series with a few twists like a support drone and a recovery console, which you can activate my spending in-game currency. This adds a decision making, because activating a part costs a lot and you should really decide what you need in that particular case.

Secrets are another part of the game, that deserves a separate review of things. Getting some of those secrets can be quite a challenge and for the most part you cannot get them all the first time due to lack of a certain ability. Speaking about abilities - game constantly adds a new one to the table, keeping things fresh and forcing the player to master it before moving on. The only downside is the dash system, which often misfires and due to later stages in the game relying heavily on it, can become very frustrating and pain inducing in the palms of a player's hand.

Story is very fragmented and presented through small cutscenes, which leaves a player with a lot of questions. However it falls short of presentation and immersion to really care about Shadow's story and his background. Little moments in shrines add a little to this presentation.

In overall it is a good game, which will have a lot of appeal to retro gamers and some modern time gamers, who care about the gameplay more than anything else. People, who value graphics above everything else - will pass this on and probably will not understand this game at all.

Overall ranking 8

- for the lackluster story

- for the misfiring dash mechanic, which can lead to more frustration than needed.