When i first saw this game i thought 'bad game based on Anime series' and boy was i wrong

User Rating: 8 | Gekitou! Custom Robo DS
Custom Robo DS is a game in which you 'dive' into Battle Robos and battle each other using Mental Strength, though you get a chuckle at that you realise that this game is much different than using the force.
So you start as a young boy who has just moved to a new area, when you come down stairs you are greeted by your parents who give you a custom robo, you go to school, get pulled into a robo team called numero unos and it just gets better and better after that.
The game doesnt just offer the 3 robos you'll automatically get in the storyline, at some point you'll be able to buy robos, theres heeps of rockets, bombs, guns and legs to choose from, legs might allow you to jump higher move faster etc.
The games graphics and storyline actually are decent, it isnt that easy, i wouldnt say its incredibly short and the storyline is complicated enough to keep you interested, as if just as you want to start putting it down, something really cool happens and you want to play for eternity.

Custom Robo DS is a game that shouldnt be looked over because it sounds a bit out there and wierd, I'm no veteran at 3-D fighting games but i can say with all my other gaming experiences that this is quite the good game.