A great call back to 2D side scrollers

User Rating: 9 | Cuphead XONE

The first thing you notice about Cuphead is it's originality and charm. It's a beautifully animated game that looks like a 1930's cartoon (but in colour) and features a great, original soundtrack also similar to the ones featured in cartoons during those times. It's a great throwback to that time period and is so perfectly fitting for this game.

Now, Cuphead plays like your typical 2D side-scroller. It reminds me a lot of Ninja Gaiden in those ways. So memorization and figuring out what style works and what doesn't is really the key here. It's frustrating at times because boss fights can be a massive challenge but it's so satisfying when you finally get a level. And there is where perks come into play because when you earn coins within certain levels, You use the coins to buy perks. These perks are different weapons and optional mods like more heart but less damage dealt, being invincible when you dash and so on so forth. It really helps when facing a boss by having that extra firepower.

The story is quite interesting as well. You lose your soul to the devil and have to collect on his contracts in order to save it. Thus resulting in you travelling the world and facing a lot of unique and challenging bosses. Also, I really enjoyed the difficulty of the game because it didn't feel punishing like Dark Souls, It wasn't difficult for the sake of being difficult. Cuphead is meant as a challenge to the player and it's very satisfying once you beat that challenge.

Overall: 9/10
The charm and fun gameplay are huge pluses for Cuphead. My only negative is that the game can be annoyingly difficult at times. Aside from that, It can also be a lot of fun to play.