I'm seeing the platform genre regaining strength.

User Rating: 8 | Cuphead XONE

Cuphead was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated platform games of this year, a game that would be like playing an animation from the 30's and would have a very high difficulty, and actually Cuphead is so far along with NioH the most difficult games of the year, it's a platform game that needs to think fast, even if you can understand the movements of the boss, this will not facilitate the game, there will be moments that will be stuck for a long time, the soundtrack is sensational, the graphics are beautiful, it is like really playing a design from the 30's, the gameplay works very well, it's a game that will stress in some moments, the story is very simple, but it's not something we should require in platform game, it's worth playing Cuphead, fun , difficult and satisfactory. Note 84