That's what makes me wanna click that icon on my desktop !

User Rating: 8 | Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard PC
Well first of all the game is really addictive , well for me , it is , but it depends on what you want from a game...if you are a high graphic , expensive game , no content or storyline lover then you don't have to buy it .
The storyline is really great but it gets sometimes boring throughout the game .
Graphics are not the best , but seen worse...and considering wich year the game was produced , we shouldn't mind on that , after all they look better that way . That's what makes this game more unique from the other ones , Sounds aren't bad either , they sometimes lag and get behind actions .
But what makes me want to play this game is the fact of creating a village , naming every single viking who lives in your your village , exploring with the scout , making little babies and giving them professions when they grow up so the village can function , playing on a free world with only your vikings and you...that's what makes me want to click that icon on my desktop .