A game I can come back to and still be entertained

User Rating: 9 | Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard PC
The first time I saw this game I was stunned by the graphics. The gameplay is great, the only hard thing about this game is to get food, but when you capture cows and sheep along with fishermen, hunters and bakers you shouldn't have much of a problem getting it. A game I would highly recommend. Another thing about this game is that it is known by few. The colourful and cartoony graphics of trees waving in the wind, animals walking in the woods, mushrooms growing everywhere, it is like a scene from the comic Asterix without the romans. The amount of professions avaliable to you and the flexibility for one of your people to learn a profession is awesome. If you do not want your person be a quarryworker for a while to gain enough skill to be a stonemason, learn the stonemasonry at the school as long as one of your people are capable of being one. An all round awesome game.