Not a Sci-fi but a horror game indeed, do something now or this will become owr future

User Rating: 8 | Culpa Innata PC
This game mad me wana puke lots of times, not cause its a bad game but indeed cause its a great futuristic game. This game really deals with what human kind, capitalism and imperialism are headed for. Ac omplete selfish and materialistic sociaty, but with a "politically correct law" or in other word, a fully hipocrit society, with no bownd to culture, to past, to family, no notthingness, a nihilistic paradise.

Somhow it holds a big misunderstanding about the "selfish gene" of richard dawkins, that I found before also in MGS2, some people just take things lightly but sitll a great game.

Hope no one spects this to be the society of the future, or maybe some psycho reading this? I hope not.

Soo if you are into some deep thinking, like adventure and puzzle games, and a good plot that lets you wandering to the end, check this game out