This is Sim City filled with Paris Hilton wanabees.

User Rating: 6.5 | Culpa Innata PC
If you want to play an exciting, immersive adventure game then skip this one. It was hour after hour of shallow dialog (mostly sexual) and boring locations. Ok I do give credit to them for creating characters with facial expressions but it seems as though they got caught up in character design and let the story fall to the wayside.
This game had the potential of being a great game if only they didn't let it fail at the end. After so many bland conversations I thought I'd be rewarded with an intriguing ending at least but alas no such luck. If you must play this game I suggest you borrow it from a friend or purchase it off of ebay.
It amazes me that people give this game a good rating and yet give Still Life a mediocre rating. I would definitely recommend you play Still Life over this game any day.