Structured like a novel or movie- and as much fun as many of them.

User Rating: 9 | Culpa Innata PC
If you like science fiction, spy movies and adventure games that really call on your ability to sort through the depth of information, this one's for you. In 2047, many countries have come together to form the World Union. Some people think that makes us more safe- while others think the threats are getting worse. Russia is outside the Union, and when a crime takes place there, it threatens to upset the stability of the whole world.

Off you go, into an incredibly detailed setting with a zillion characters, locations and things to know. It's just about impossible to get bored. Take Omikron, Starship Titanic and the best of the haunted mansion games from the Adventure Company, and throw in some more spy paranoia, and you're about getting an idea of what it's like. While it does demand a lot of playing time, the results are worth it. The graphics are highly colorful, and the environments are filled with details to use.

It is available for PC as a DVD-ROM game. It can also be downloaded, if you have a newer system and wouldn't rather adjust anything or worry about discs. For those who love a good story with lots of excitement and technical challenges, this game is worth the try.