An excellent setting, good protagonist and some fresh gameplay elements make sitting trough the long dialogue bearable.

User Rating: 8 | Culpa Innata PC
Culpa Innata is a pleasant surprise. When the game starts you might mistake it for just another pixel hunting generic adventure game, but that is not the case. The game is very ambitious and it tries to do a lot, and succeeds for the most part.

You are a "Peace Enforcer" in a dystopian future, and you are investigating a murder for one of the citizens in the town of Adrianapolis. In the near future, murders do not occur, that's why this murder is a big deal.The basic idea is simple. You question the citizens connected to the victim. The twist is that things can go either way. Depending on what you chose to say and how you chose to act, you can unlock new locations, new people to question, new information. Or you can fail the game, if you aren't being careful. That's what makes it worth playing. It's non-linearity, separating it from other adventure titles.

There are traditional puzzles and situations here, but there are also non-traditional, like using your office computer to do research, compare files, watch footage, piece together images. A great element is the "interviews" you conduct of immigrants who want to join your prosperous society. Depending on how much you push them, you can break them, or expose them.

But the best part about it is the setting. It's all very detailed and believable. It's one of the best futuristic settings I've seen in a while, movie or game.

The voice acting is really good, especially the actor who plays the main protagonist. The protagonist is also very likable and charming. Another thing is the music, it's simply marvelous, and fits the setting very well.

The bad thing is, that there is too much talking. It's not bad dialogue, but it's simply too much. Sometimes you get the wish to skip the dialogue, but you can't because you need every bit of information, you might miss out on something. Sometimes there's half an hour of straight talking, without any kind of puzzle to be had.

I recommend this game to people who like adventure titles. It's 10 euro on Steam, there's not much to lose by giving it a try.

It has great voice acting, great setting, great story, lots of emotionality....