Wonderful surprise. This game truly sucks you in its world and leaves you wanting more.

User Rating: 9 | Culpa Innata PC
I don't even remember why I started playing Culpa Innata. Probably it was a recommendation on Adventure Gamers forum by someone who likes similar games than me. I had never heard about it and the screen shots didn't look that great. But I started the game anyway and it didn't take me long to get hooked up for good.

The game setting is incredible, the world is one of the best game worlds ever. Everything you do and see tells you more about the world and it is not pretty. I would classify Culpa Innata as cyberpunk, the protagonist is obviously living in a dystopia full or shallow people. And while she is law-abiding she yearns for something more. This will help the player start liking the character and I ended up really loving her. The plot progresses the same way: you have your basic and formal investigation and then you have the deeper, more meaningful adventure that somehow relates to this case.

Culpa Innata has a lot of conversation and I can understand it turns some people off. But I enjoy dialogue and it was never an issue to me. Most of the puzzles revolve around choosing the right subject to talk about. The random real brainteasers are pretty mediocre, not bothering but not exactly interesting either. It is the story and the setting that makes this game great.

I liked the slight non-linearity of the game, though I am not usually bothered by linear stories. It was still nice to progress on your own terms and focus the investigation first on things you found interesting yourself. I wish we'd see something like that in more games.

The ending was left a bit open but I still liked it. The actual investigation was concluded and there is a sequel coming for the rest. I am more than eager to play the sequel and see the other side. The first game we were adventuring in the clean, almost clinical World Union and the second we get to see the "ugly side" of Rogue States. I hope they can keep up the good work or even make it a better one (yeah I can be a silly optimist now and then) and together these games would create a beautiful, whole adventure you've never seen before.