Very Good and Thoughtfull Adventure Game !

User Rating: 8 | Culpa Innata PC
This game is one of the better adventure games I played. In fact it ranks only behind the fabulous Dreamfall The Longest on my list of adventure games. In one respect it even outdoes Dreamfall : The Culpa Innata heroine, Phoenix Wallis, is an even better and generally more believable character than Zoe from Dreamfall. In other respects this game is not quite up to Dreamfall (but it is a more hardcore adventure game, and therefore more difficult), but both games have a great story/script in common. Culpa Innata might not be "state of the art" graphicwise, but the graphics are still adequate and often interesting and emphasizes the atmosphere of the game (though it is not wrong to say that 70`ies SciFi movies certainly has a lot of influence on the design in Culpa Innata). The characters and voiceacting of the game are generally (with a few exceptions) very good and believable and the music also underlines the atmosphere of the perfectly. All in all : Probably very enjoyable if you are into adventure games, and even if you are not (and I am not usually fond of adventure games) the games storyline and ideas has a definite appeal. Together with Dreamfall is is absolutely the best adventure game I played. Both games also end in an ambiguous and unsettling way, which clearly points towards a sequel and leaves you yearning for that sequel !