It just missed the point...

User Rating: 6 | CSI: NY PC
Personally, I love the CSI Games, no matter how crap or mediocre some may have turned out to be, it's the fuel of the star-studded cast and fun-yet-simple investigative gameplay that makes the game popular among fans of the show and whodunnit adventure gamers.

Unfortunately CSI: NY doesn't even resemble anything from its predecessors and instead joined the oh-so-horrible genre of various mini-games and puzzles consisting of either finding the difference between 2 photos, finding objects on a 2D crime scene (very similiar to big fish games's line of games eg. Mystery Files) and then interrogating still images of suspects or witnesses. The Crime lab is where most of the fun and the boring takes place, no longer do you have to drag evidence onto a CSI to hear what their opinion is, but rather you are doing everything yourself, all the research and evidence can be analyzed by playing assorted mini-games, consisting of either seperating floating cells, recovering ripped pages and one of the best, using a security system to identify a suspect by rebuilding his/her face.
If any of the mini-games become to hard, you can actually skip them.

Possibly the best thing about the game is that the actual cast is present, Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredas, Carmine Giovinazzo and Eddie Cahill lend their voices to the game, and the voice acting is superb! The music fits in perfectly and really sets the mood of the crime scene.

The graphics... is abysmal, horrid 2D animation is used for the flashbacks and although the cast has been drawn quite well, it just isn't the same as the animated 3D models, which isn't saying much either. It seems most of the budget for this game went to getting the cast to lend their voices then the development itself, because honestly, this game looks and plays horribly!

To Summarize

Best Features
- Superb Voice Acting.
- Excellent Music.
- Cast from the series lend their voices.
- 5 Cases to solve.
- Some of the mini-games are fun.

Worst Features
- Some of the mini-games aren't fun.
- Horrible Graphics.
- Bad 2D Animation in flashbacks.
- Find-the-missing-objects type Crime Scenes.
- Way too easy.
- Boring at times.

If your a HUGE fan of the series and loved the Mystery files series of games, then take it. If not, avoid.