Worst CSI...seriously

User Rating: 1 | CSI: NY PC
Entire interface has changed for the worse, entire evidence gathering technique has changed for the worse, and the entire game as a whole has turned for the worse. What a disgrace. I'm thinking it was designed by preschool kids for middle school kids to play. Seriously.....they have made the game to be completely mindless, actually to the point of confusion. The more you think about something you can't figure out, the more confusing it gets. Maybe I sound biased, but I'm a big fan of the series, and think that this release is a total abomination. It's not fun to play at all. Getting stuck in dialogue is a common occurrence, and you will never figure out why, because you will get so bored of it you'll shut it off. You can't adjust video output at all, actually you can't adjust anything in the game aside from volume, full screen or window screen modes. I'll let everyone gather their own opinions, but I'm hoping to save people money with this review. Don't buy this game, for it should have never been released.