I was looking forward to the game for a long time, and I am very disappointed.

User Rating: 1 | CSI: NY PC
What do hidden objects and matching pictures have to do with crime scene investigating? CSI: NY is my favorite show amongst the CSI bunch, and I awaited this game with great anticipation having played the other PC versions, which I loved. To my disappoint, this game strayed entirely from the pack, and killed the gaming experience provided by the others.

The puzzles are extremely easy, and the game walks you though the entire storyline, leaving nothing up to you. I enjoy a good challenge, and this game, unlike the others, failed to provide one.

The graphics were poorly animated, or maybe I should say not animated at all. I sorely missed the motion of the 3D rendering in the other games. Everything was cartoon-like, and lacked the sense of realism I greatly loved in the other CSI games.

I do not recommend it. Usually I commend gaming companies for trying something new, but UBISoft really dropped the ball on this one. The old format used for the CSI games was great. There was no reason to change it. It just goes to show you how true the old saying is.... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I hope they learn from this and bring back the old format for the next edition. CSI: NY deserved better.