Again I must disagree with Gamespot

User Rating: 8 | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence WII
I bought this game for my wife since the Wii is hers and the kids system and it took her about a month to actually get to try it (having 3 children takes away a lot of free time ha ha). I am writing this review as she is currently beside me playing it. The reviews don't rate this game too highly and say you basically are pointed to the criminal with no work on your own part. This is vastly not true, you have to gather evidence and peice it together. You get to match bullets, blood, finger prints, and the like on your own. If you didn't do this the game wouldn't progress. We both can see minor downfalls with the game, the controls to get small evidence can be hard to do but other than that It is overall a good game and a good buy, that is if you like CSI.

One other downfall I can see is that even though you are given 5 or 6 cases to solve it does seem to not really have a high replay value after you solve all the cases. This is the case for most crime games out there though. After I bought it I checked the review on gamespot and kinda got upset when I saw how bad it was rated but now I am happy I got the game cause it looks very good well worth the money.