A decent game and an easy game score boost's for all the achieevo whore's.

User Rating: 5 | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence X360
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:
Hard Evidence

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Telltale Games
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Mature
Released: September 26, 2007

The visuals for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence are decent but really dated and the detail's to all five crime scene locations you get to go to and solve a murder and most of these locations are really not that great to look at and yes I do realize that this game came out in 2007, but their were far better looking games that has come out in that time like I don't know COD 4: Modern Warfare, Halo 3, Prey and The Darkness just to name a few and the many more that came out back in 2007 and I'll leave it at that. So I'll say this the detail to all the murder scene location's are still better to look at than the detail of all the character's that are from the show except for one or two of them like the detail to the character's Grissom and Warrick and even the detail to Brass looked pretty decent but still not the greatest and with such character's like Kathryne, Sarah, Nick, Greg and the coroner guy can't remember is character's name, but the detail to these individual's were not absolutely not great to look and in fact the detail to the faces kind of looked very lifeless and pasted on which is a bit of a turn off. So in short for the visuals for this game are decent and dated but could have been way better for a game where all you have to do is basically point and click and again not that great to look at, but it's just fair.

The audio for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is quite good with some areas of this game and in other areas of the game the audio is not that great. So I'll start with the voice over work for the character's of the game first and most of the voice work for this game is quite impressive and is pretty good with most of the character's in the game and they have most of the Actor's from the television show lending their voice's for their character's for the game, so the game can have that real authentic sound for the game and one of the actor's that lent their voice to the game and that is from the show is (William Petersen) which he play's Grissom in the show and provide's the voice for his character here in the game and so does the other actor's from the show as they provide the voice work for their character's in the game that are in the show are here in the game, But now the bad voice over work for this game came from the actress's that are not from the and you should notice it very well that it is not ( Jorja Fox ) provided the voice talent for her character and if it was her she did a horrible job or even the voice work for Catherine ( Marg Helgenberger ) and again if it was her and I'm sure it was not her it was a very bad job for the voice work over for Catherine was just lousy and lazy and dido for Sarah. The sounds of the game were pretty good but not the greatest and the sound track/ musical score was pretty great well it should be it the same here in the game as it is in the show. So in short for the audio for this game is great in some areas and just lazy and poorly done in other areas and with that said it is just plain good.

The gameplay for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a pretty standard point and click adventure and puzzle solving kind of game while solving murder cases and this game will take you through cases that are from the show and maybe one that might not be from the show well one of the cases was not familiar to me at all and I have watched the series for a while and just not so much now a days and with this point and click adventure will run you about 6-7 hours of gameplay and the cases are pretty easy and if you find your self stuck you can use the game ask for help/hint system where you get to ask one of the cast member's for help/hint or you could just do it your self and you can complete every case how ever way you like and if you would like to know why that is cause how ever way you play the cases you will get the achievement no matter what. This game can be boring but it is a little worth the easy gamer score boost. So in short for the gameplay in this game is just a little boring and easy to play through for the easy gamer score and with that said you don't have to point click for long adn the gameplay is just decent enough to bare for your gamer score.

The overall point for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence is in fact a pretty decent point and click adventure that is great for and easy achievement's for the achieevo whores out there and can get a little boring, but again this is good for the quick gamer score boost and to be serious it's good enough for the price tag that you can find this game for and if you are in to CSI the you can find some fun with it or you can at least give it a try and it will not kill either if you just want to boost you gamer score. So in short it is worth it, for the easy 1000/1000 boost to your achievement's.

5.0 out of 10