Not very good...

User Rating: 4.5 | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence X360
Well Lets start off to say unless you are a die hard fan and really love the show then rent it don't buy it.

Its not that bad of a game if you really love sitting for hours doing the same thing for 5 missions but it really got old in a hurry to me however once I got in the game I got into it a little bit.

If you are after Achievements it takes about 10-12 hours and there is really no way not to get the 1k if you beat the game you are going to get 1k achievements.

I am pretty sure they made the achievements like that so people would actually play the game ha ha .

How ever the graphics are pretty good I will give it a 5-10 could have been a lot better but not much worse.
Sound 2-10 The Voice on the characters is terrible.
Controls 7-10 A little too slow for me.
Lighting in the game 4-10 Very Dark is some scenes.

All and all the game isn't good but it isn't bad either so I am going to give the final score of a 4.5

Thanks for Reading and have a good one. :)