For what it portrays, CSI: Hard Evidence is a decent, and sometimes entertaining sidetrack into the universe.

User Rating: 7 | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence X360
CSI: Hard Evidence

Welcome to CSI: Hard Evidence. CSI is a game from Ubisoft and TellTale based on the television show of the same name. While it is not a very action oriented game at all, and is as simple as 2-3 buttons, it manages to do a few things that are classic to the series. As long as you are a fan, you will enjoy this as a nice sidetrack into the universe. Though if anything drags this game down the most, it is extreme repetition.

The game is very simple. There is no way you can mess up in this game, as it force feeds you all the information you need to complete each of the five investigations the game features. Basically, like any murder mystery, you need to figure out "who did it". The actual cases themselves are entertaining and fun in some segments, and you will feel like you will be watching the show. You have various tools and gadgets for which you can use to look for clues, and of course, evidence to solve the case.

Now, this is where the game can feel repetitive. You will be going back and forth between different areas, talking to different people. It is really the only thing, for a game in the style as CSI is, that I can find wrong, and if you are a fan of the series, it wont be all that bad. I myself was entertained throughout the game.

The graphics aren't great, but they aren't bad either. They do their part in capturing the feel and the atmosphere of the show, as well as some "themes" of Las Vegas. Characters are look great, and environments are also alright, but at times feel underwhelming. Do not go into this game expecting Epic's Unreal Engine to pop in out of nowhere. Although, a nice thought, wouldn't that be something for a game like this?

The game is classic CSI. You will go around, look for clues, talk to you peers, as well as suspects, and find out the conclusion of each case. You grab an arrest warrant, and you solve the case in the ever intimidating "Interrogation Room". The game is not lengthy either, lasting merely just over 5 hours, and then you are done. That includes all the Gamerscore for the game as well; just thought I would include that fact for all you achievement hunters out there!

Overall, CSI: Hard Evidence is a decent game for what it is as well as the style of game it portrays. It does a nice job capturing the spirit of the show, and in my opinion is one of the better games to do so. While repetition may drag the experience down for those who do not watch the show, those who do enjoy the acclaimed series will enjoy this game. As long as you don't expect a "Five Star" game like the show, it will be an enjoyable experience for you nonetheless.

Gameplay Score: 7/10
Story: 6.75/10
Graphic Score: 6.5/10
Presentation Score: 8/10
Replay Value: Low

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