*sigh* dont these people know how to program controlls T_T

User Rating: 3.5 | Crystal Monsters DS
Ok the controls just KILL this game big time you have to STOP EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO MOVE IN ANOTHER DIRECTION!!! this gets old real fast and is why i hardly even play this game.
Next up is the gameplay:
Ok so you battle pokemon/digimon style with a easy combo system and a pathiticly easy guard system that just makes it even easyer. you can have up to 3 monsters in a battle at once. oh speaking of the monsters why do almost of them in there first stages look like cats? anyway combat systems ok but could be better and harder.
Next is the soundtrack:
The soundtrack to this game is kinda good,not bad but not exellent either not much to talk about here...
Ok the graphics are pretty good for a DSi download game (atleast from what i've seen..) alot of the monsters though sure look like cats....oh well yay cats :P
anyway as i sead the controls just kill this game compleatly to the point where its almost unplayable stay away from this unless you want to see what bad controlls are