This is a fun strategy game, but it is impossible to beat.

User Rating: 6 | Crystal Defenders X360

- It is fun to watch the battle unfold as the enemies come through.
- Requires an extremely great amount of strategy.


- Requires an extremely great amount of strategy.
- Even the easiest maps are nearly impossible to beat. (I have yet to beat even one of them.)
- Ever single little thing has to be done in a certain order, or you will lose.
- It seems that there are very few combinations that will let you win.
- You have to get the perfect balance of units, know exactly when to upgrade them, and know exactly where to place them.
- The game is less about actually winning, and more about seeing how far you can get.
- You never have enough money to do what needs to be done.
- Only twelve maps.

Overall Review: It would be a perfect game IF IT WASN'T ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT!!!