User Rating: 8.5 | Crystal Defenders PSP

This was my first Final Fantasy game I ever owned, was it worth ten dollars?
The game play is all but boring, the music screamed awesome, and the cute graphics reminiscent of the 8-bit era make it all the more sweet.
But that's not saying the game is perfect...

Here's my breakdown of this tiny powerhouse.

Game Play

Game play is simplistic and resembles Tower Defense games before it however something about it just makes you want to come back for more. Maybe it's the impossibility of making it through all 30 rounds? Or is it the different strategies that can be employed on every single map? You decide.

Sound & Graphics

Well it may be the fact that I love 8-Bit graphics, this game just looks great! The look that was captured in FF5 is duplicated right here, in a way that just makes you stand and stare. Couple that with a great soundtrack and you got a pretty good deal.

Replay Value

This game is sure to keep you hooked for quite a while, especially since getting a high score is nigh near impossible! Not to mention the strategies to be mastered from W1, W2 and W3.


Since I've praised this game so well your probably wondering " why a score of 8.5?"
Well sorry to break the rose colored glasses but this game is almost to hard, while that may appeal to some players, the Casual gamer will begin to feel the pain of near impossible levels. This game could also do very well with a storyline, which is absent aside from the obvious "Protect The Crystals!"


This game is great for any person who enjoys the Final Fantasy series. Even if you don't play Tower Defense games, I at least suggest you download the demo, available from the PlayStation Store.