Another Tower Defense game, this time based on Final Fantasy job classes and enemies.

User Rating: 6 | Crystal Defenders PS3
First off, this doesn't suck quite as bad as some Final Fantasy Spinoffs *cough My Life as King cough*, but it's no Final Fantasy Tactics.

It's a tower defense game, what more can I say about it beyond that. You get Soldiers for straight up powerful ground based assaults, White Monks for area ground based assaults, Black Mages for aoe magic damage to both ground and flying units, Time Mages to area slow down enemies, archers to shoot any target for physical damage and thieves to double your rewards providing they are in the area that they are allowed to roam.

There are some summons like Ramuh and Phoenix but you're looking at the majority of the useable units.

The maps range from linear paths with plenty of spots to put down troops to maximize their efficiency, to ones with tortuous paths and divergent roads to complicate things.

Enemies range from low to high hp, fast speed, flying, magic or physical resistance and extra damage to your Crystals (I.E. life, fortress health, whatever you call it in a tower defense game).

Basically expect no suprises from a standard tower defense game with a coat of Final Fantasy paint.

The music is a mix of some past Final Fantasy games, including Tactics (which the game's maps are based on). Beyond that, expect to hear a lot of thumps and whacks and well... that's pretty much the extent of the sound effects which get pretty grating after a while due to the constant attacking.

And as far as graphics go, this game could be on the Wii... or iPhone... oh wait, it is.

Ok, I'm not saying it's a bad game, but it certainly isn't fresh and Final Fantasy themes do not make it that much better. I suppose if you got 9.99$ burning a hole in your pocket, and you like trophies (albeit very difficult to get since this game has a pretty steep difficulty I find and I'm pretty decent at tower defense games), it might be worth checking out, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have other games currently in your backlog.

+ It's Final Fantasy... sorta.
+ It's more good than it is bad.

- It's not original in any aspect.
- Music is mediocre at best except a few recognizable tracks and the sound is very very limited in scope.
- The graphics pretty much suck for a PS3 title.