This game keeps you in the action from the start until the very last sequence!

User Rating: 8.5 | Crysis PC
Crysis is one of those games that at first I didn't think much of but when I saw it in the store I had to buy it. The game is fun and involves deadly combat, a super suit, and a creative game engine that is superior to all others. Being one of the first Direct X10 games some computers may not be fully equipped to play the game to full potential. The action starts as a team of scientists has gone missing on an Island that is seized by Korean soldiers and a group of aliens which is soon found to be a nuisance just after the paratroop drop from the beginning of the game. Throughout game play, stealth, super strength, and speed enable your soldier to sneak in areas unnoticed punch and throw the enemies and jump up on the little huts. Shortly after arrival things start going bad when the first team member of the 5 person recovery team is mauled by an unknown assailant along with two Korean soldiers. Eventually the team is down to only 2 members, (3 but that is unknown until the near end of the game). The difficulty levels actually reveal the differences such as the easiest level making the enemies speak English, and the gun accuracy and steadiness are increased, while the hardest difficulty makes scopes and aiming more tedious, characters speak Korean pretty much disabling you from hearing what they are saying, and making the binoculars less efficient. (AI characters are also stronger and harder to kill) The game map is large and allows for multiple ways to fight and travel around via boat, land or even trucks that are still on the island. The benefit of such an advanced game engine allows for a fun and interesting game every time. All in all, this is definitely a recommendable game and possibly fun to play the new expansions as well.