Raises the bar of all FPS for years to come

User Rating: 10 | Crysis PC
Crytek did it again with Crysis. They produced a game that raises the bar for all FPS for years to come. AI intelligence, realism and graphics really pushes Crysis in being an instant classic changing the face on how FPS are made.

The year is 2020, the US military have created a new technology called the nano suit. The nano suit allows you absorb bullets, increase strength by jumping higher, allows you to run faster, and hide from enemies by cloaking to near invisibility. The story starts off as you and rest of your squad is free falling on to an island some where in South China Sea. You will encounter North Korean army where they have captured the island. Not long have you have landed on the island, you will be engaging the enemy.

Crysis is not the type of game you can run and gun. You must hide, watch your surroundings and carefully make your shot. The AI will always be in a squad and whenever they think they see something or you make a shot, they will work together as a squad to find you. A player will be able to know where each of the AI location and where he is looking at so he could swiftly move or make a shot without any of the other squad team seeing. If a player were careless enough to be spotted by the AI, one of the AI squad members will run back to a base or town to get help. Sounds like explosions and gun shots will also attract enemy AI similar to what you expect in a real world situation.

Graphics are by far the best of any game yet hit the market. It will take years for Crysis graphics to become outdated, since no computer yet have the ability to maximize it. A high end computer two years from now will have be capable of running Crysis on the highest settings at very high frame rates. Right off the bat, after you land on the island, you will notice you are in a tropical environment. The trees will have a very realistic and life like feeling to them. You could almost see the individual leaves on a tree like you would see in a real life tree.

With all the great graphics, AI intelligence and sound effects gives this game a lot of realism. When you are engaging the enemy AI, you could hear where they are when they walk, hide in the tall grass, bushes, behind a rock, wall, and everything else in the world. The AI will realistically look for you when you are hiding and will come to your location if you are too loud. Along with the great graphics Crysis have to offer, you got the most realistic FPS have yet to come. Crysis really have reached a new high for all first person shooters.