This is one BIG island of frights and flights!

User Rating: 9 | Crysis PC
Here's a game that I underestimated at first. I know..i never should've done that. But really, the overall beauty of this game is partially under cover of some cheesy parts. Though, essentially, this game is a shooter, it's a lot more than that. It's a fantastic FPS inserted with a few character specials and really ugly tights!
This is a tale of war. It is set in a time when Koreans are planning world domination and America is already at her next stage in modern warfare. Then the twist comes right at you with terrible force: aliens and ancient tombs of weirdness arise as actually the main part of the story! Thank heavens for Nomad's high-tech tights. It's really sci-fi in all its aspects; even the fact that the nano-suit can dissolve the body of a person wearing it at a click of a button is so sci-fi! And this is what makes this game great.
Simply beautiful. The island is vast, the forests are dense, the water is...wet. Anyway, the character animations are very good. It's so realistic that it's sometimes funny. The suit effects are very impressive; the different colors hat designate an ability from another are like traffic signs that bring highlight to the suit as it is. The weapons are in parr with their real-life counterparts, and even though there are weapons in the game that are not invented yet, they all look impressve. I just don't get why Nomad won't take his helmet off, when everyone in his squad has thrown their thousand-dollars-worth of headgear.
There are a lot of voice-overs here. Even the suit talks, but not as friendly as Gordon Freeman's. Imagine a deep male or female voice telling you that you've already activated the speed maximizer feature of your suit; i mean, it's a miracle they don't give off Nomad's position when he's on cloak. They say a lot of "maximum"s here. Scary. There's variable orchestrations here; not much during most of the game, but the music rises well at peak points. There's much diversity in Crysis' sound department; one can have Koreans speak Korean, if you choose a higher difficulty setting and the aliens are scary, too. I want to commend the deep notes rendered by the turntables.
Shoot the enemy, just like any other shooter, but include bashing abilities thanks to the increased strength feature of the suit that Nomad is wearing. There's maximum speed, armor, and cloaking abilities too. But their use is on a strict limit due to depleting energy. Don't worry, though; the energy bar replenishes itself, as well as the health bar. The game also features travelling through the really big island on foot or on a ride. It's how to get to the next checkpoint that's really the challenge, for there are adversaries on the way. Vehicles blow up when hit too much, weapons lose ammo and let's not forget that Nomad is not God. Thankfully, the game features the save-anywhere saving system. Just don't save the game when a whole clip of bullets is raining down on you. Players won't do much during the whole alien base exploration, but it gives a nice jolt once in a while.
This game is violent, innovative, huge and beautifully riddiculous. The characters are memorable, thanks to their two-syllable code names and unique models and the suits are just scary. Imagine a hulk of a guy fancying a tight gray material for a Sunday stroll in the Korean forests. It adds more tension to the core gameplay! Though it's short and there's little replay value, experiencing this game once is enough to prove that this is one cool FPS.