Starts off as Far Cry, continues as Just Cause and ends as Tomb Raider or Metro

User Rating: 7 | Crysis (Special Edition) PC

"A lone man battles across a beautiful jungle isle, fighting nefarious infantry units, and then a bunch of monsters show up and everything goes to hell." by Exhuminator

Linear tactical sci-fi FPS that offers enhancements to weapons and options to sneak around enemies in later levels with big importance of using superpowers that are interesting addition. The game starts off as Far Cry exploration game but soon becomes Just Cause destroying everything and at the end Tomb Raider to find out about its fantasy elements. It is comparable to Metro features.

Most levels can be solved with few options, there are more guns and ammo at the disposal when looting, it is not so tight on firepower, however you have limited slots for weapons. Fists, Pistols, 2 slots for anything else, like Shotgun, Assault rifle, Machinegun... Land bomb, Rocket launcher, Special weapon, Grenades. Player is regenerating himself.

You can use guns of cars, boats or tanks, even fists boosted by super power, speed boost, invisibility, extra armour and weapon sights. Some levels are frustrating or hold you within closed area that will eventually open up as you kill the enemies around you.

There is a solid story with FPS moments in cinematics, it is good vs evil fight, slowly showing its third faction to fight against. There was plenty of moments that kept me on the edge of survival, keeping the balance just right so player stoked with weapons will not become super strong. I played on Easy difficulty and I had few moments where it was frustrating to proceed and loaded over and over until I fought my way out. I had to learn to use all abilities to finish the game, so many features were not just optional.

There is a dark room you need a light for, persistent enemy, you need specific gun to use. When you shoot enemy from hidden position, he jumps around to be hit harder or shoots where he last saw you since you can use invisibility, same goes for some enemies. Once enemy hits you in melee, the camera pulls to them, but mostly they hit very hard killing you, so most fights are rather fought from distance.

At last, the graphics are nice, there are few issues with lighting or clipping and shaking textures. In the late game, there was big FPS drop when fighting multiple enemies. There are various environments; land, water or sky combats.

It finished in less than 9 hours with few side objectives which were involved together in main story.

Story 3/5 - more of background to what is happening and gripping by the end, however very predictable.

Combat 5/5 - its main feature is shooting, you always get the challenge and options, requires you to use tactics.

Replayability 1/5 - after you finished, you know all your abilities and enemy weaknesses, same way, same ending.

Graphics 4/5 - as stated above, nice, minor issues, unpleasant clipping, fading and light effects.