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User Rating: 9 | Crysis PC

Crysis is the most demanding game of its time. it was a game that push PC hardware to limit and become a meme that "can it run crysis"?

but lets analyze this why Crysis was groundbreaking apart from graphics. shall we?

so Crysis was one of the most unique FPS game at the time released. the whole nanosuit gameplay was fun and refreshing. suit contain 4 powers. strenght, speed, armor and clock and its up to you how you play it. either stealthty or go rambo.

Game is set in tropical island like its predecessor Far cry but this time its more science fiction involve nanosuit, koreans and gameplay. story is bit meh and its about super soldier fighting koerans until aliens invade island and turn it into ice.

Game offer plenty of freedom since its semi open world sandbox game. you can explore the island and can go anywhere.

however like previous crytek game. the drawback is its second half. its just not as good as first half and is too linear straightforward.

Other than Crysis was benchmark of PC gaming and is one of the best FPS game ever made.

its another must play title for FPS fans.