Absolutely Brilliant First Instalment in the Series.

User Rating: 10 | Crysis PC

I had actually played Crysis 2:maximum edition and Crysis 3 before i got to play Crysis. I was half-expecting the first game might not be as good as it's successors.However,after each mission,i found myself thinking that this might have been the best game in the series.

A group of soldiers with high-tech,badass nano-suits are sent to an island to rescue a hostage,and end up facing an enemy that threatens the existence of entire human race.At first,it seems like a standard covert military op.However,you keep on playing you find out something very fishy is going on on the island.The story gets really intriguing and addictive after the first few missions.

Even though the game was released in 2007,the graphics did not disappoint,considering the advancement made in visual effects over the years. You have four basic functions in the suit:maximum strength(to jump higher and punch harder),cloak mode(invisibility),maximum armor(which the default setting) and maximum speed(for moving and sprinting really,really fast). Like other games in the series,your success depends on how efficiently you use your suit's energy. Running really fast with maximum speed immediately drains your energy,Similarly,cloak mode is super-effective only when you keep one eye on your energy levels.

I played it on P.C and going through all the weapons via the mouse wheel to find my missile launcher with a helicopter raining bullets at me was frustrating at times. Using the number keys is better.My favorite thing about the series is how you can change/modify weapon attachments on the go.Though,I would have liked that the range of weapons in Crysis was as wide as in some Military Shooters.You have only a few assault rifles,one sniper rifle and one submachine gun to choose from.I changed my main assault rifle at times just for the sake of having a different rifle in my hands(those with an aesthetic sense for rifles and their designs will understand). This is one thing that i felt lacks in all Crysis games:the range of weapons is too narrow.

Playing the game on normal difficulty level,you will learn the enemy soldiers aren't messing around.They start looking for you if you kill one of them and they find the body,which they do usually.Many times while infiltrating,the whole brigade starts shooting at and bombarding you even if one of them sees you.I learned after that keeping a stealthy approach is almost always better,even if you are super-solder with a badass,high-tech nanosuit.

The environment is probably the reason why this games series gets so many awards.In Crysis,you fight bad guys in an open-world island,with lots of places to hide in the jungles.Sneaking up on enemies while cloaked in the jungles behind trees never gets old.

The only thing that set me off was you can't stealth assassinate someone while sneaking up on him from behind with a melee attack or a knife.You just end up hitting them with the butt of your rifle and alerting them. Other than that,the game is near-perfect stealth,tactical first person shooter.