This game is disappointing in virtually all major aspects.

User Rating: 3.5 | Crysis 2 PC
Gameplay - You're playing against NPCs in the campaign. They're the heart of the gameplay. So you would think a lot of care and effort would go into creating flawless NPCs. Unfortunately, pretty much the opposite is true. The NPCs are, for lack of a better word, retarded. You can kill a few men and cause the others to panic, but if you hide for a few seconds, they'll suddenly go back to prancing around like nothing had happened. Even if they find you, they often cannot get from Point A to Point B. I've watched soldiers just standing at the bottom of steps, doing nothing, just standing there, while I stood at the top of the steps shooting at their nuts. Moreover, the AI is very glitchy. I have only played for a few hours and have already witnessed NPCs running around in circles, getting stuck on top of areas rendering them immobile, and so on and so forth. I suspect that the programmers behind this may have been trying to sabotage Crytek because of low pay. Besides the NPCs, the story is also incredibly generic (world is being taken over by aliens) and the pacing of the plot is not too great at all. This game really does not accomplish anything new at all that is worth noting.

Graphics - Suffice to say people were expecting this game to look great, after first witnessing videos of the original Crysis on max settings. Unfortunately, Crysis 2 is actually a big step backwards in terms of graphics. The only thing that crossed over okay is the lighting - but relatively more on the PC version where the lighting effects are not too subtle. Gone are the motion blur effects, the depth and realism of the first game. Say hello to an onslaught of low-res textures, jagged edges, bad anti-aliasing, unrealistic colors, poor field of depth, and a huge abundance of inexcusable graphical glitches from flickering shadows to an image of the Nanosuit's arms being suspended in mid-air after a jump. Putting it onto max settings on a PC will not correct most of these issues, and the console versions even lack this option. PS3 games that were created years ago, like Little Big Planet and Uncharted 2, look much smoother and more photorealistic than Crysis 2. It's a shame really, since the original Crysis was a pinnacle at the time in terms of graphics - very much a technical marvel - and its sequel seems to have headed in the opposite direction.

Music/Sound - Crysis was reveled more for its graphics than its sound, which was not too great. The same is true here. The music is generally drab. The title screen music is really annoying, and for some reason they keep on repeating the heck out of it throughout the game. The sound effects leave a lot to be desired. Surround sound is utilized poorly, and many sound effects are re-used for totally different things. Probably the most terrible feature is the voice acting. Oh god it's horrendous. The Nanosuit voice sounds like a homosexual black man feeling you up. I have nothing against homosexuals, but it doesn't belong here. Worse off, this game seems to have re-used the same horrible bits over and over. I've lost count of how many times I've heard the phrase "Man Down!" repeated with the same voice in the exact same manner within the first few hours of playing.

I could rant on about the poor multiplayer experience, the poor menu screens where you have to squint to read anything, the cheesy cutscenes, the hundreds to thousands of glitches, but I think I have provided enough explanation already to justify the score of 3.5 that I have given to Crysis 2. It's a less-than-mediocre game as far as overall quality goes, although it could be worse. This game should not cross into the hands of anyone who appreciates fine products.