Not a bad game but wont be surprised to see it down in price soon.

User Rating: 6 | Crysis 2 PS3

I feel this could have been a triple aaa title but I feel that it was somewhat rushed. Why?

Glitches, bugs, and sound issues, not to mention mediocre story, and bad enemy ai.

I didn't always feel very super when inferior human being were bossing me around like I was a nobody.

Sound often kicks out or people talking over each other got annoying.

Enemy ai was pretty bad most of the time really never really too challenging never felt like I had a challenge that equaled that of my nano suit guy.

The vehicle parts are not very satisfying since they are very brief.

Not enough varity in enemies, it's either cliche enemy soldier or clones of the aliens that are laughable to go against.

The stealth parts didn't seem as well done as it could have been more often you will have to use armor ability as you will survive the longest with that ability and you can only truly get the upgraded stealth later in the game unless you forgo the other stuff.

However the game overall is still awesome, especially when it comes to the graphics. Awe inspiring atmosphere and epicness of scale, but I feel this just doesn't compare to the original game. After you beat this it just...ends nothing else to it, no credits or lengthy ending that sais whether your gonna get another game or not, it's somewhat implied but you dont really know for sure.

The story leaves much to be desired. I liked the story of the first better and the vehicles you get, heck you dont ever get to use a single tank in this, just mostly yourself, and when you do get to use the what 1 vehicle in the game it's kinda brief and pointless.

The gould guy just comes off as some pot smoking jerk who thinks he is your boss always saying MAN MAN MAN MAN. Just makes me want to shoot his face off and be done with it and fight by myself and take orders by myself not by other asses who dont know what it's like to have your body holding together only because of the nano suit they all act like only they matter and your just a means to an end. The ending sucks. Typical happy ending but just didn't feel right.

Horrible mp sucks sucks sucks will not play it.

My final thoughts is it had potential, but feel they were rushed to release it which is why it has so many errors, and plot holes. I love the feel, the controls are responsive, but not enough in this package to truly warrant 60 bucks. Will go down in price probably in the next few weeks to a month. Still I'll say it's worth it if they can patch it up a bit if they bother to, they know the mp will die soon anyways this kind of game isn't meant to stack up to halo or cod type of hype. they should have just stuck to the sp. They just put in filler to keep the game going when they could have ended it 5 hours in. Also really wish your strength could have been multiplied like being able to throw enemies a lot farther or had better looking stealth kills, I swear I only stealth killed like once or twice then after that especially with the aliens it kind got pointless. Would have been nice to have more destructible enviroments, also the smash attack when you jump...never had to use it why use energy on an attack that typically you never got the chance to use? All you ever need is to dash and use armor ability. Cloaking takes too much energy fast so it leaves you more vulnerable.

Nice weapon selections but I never go to upgrade the original pistol for some reason and I dont think I really rushed this game they just didn't pace it right.

Oh well I just hope the next game is bigger in scale and more true to itself, I can see this being made on the next console.