Gorgeous Without All The Hard Work!

User Rating: 8 | Crysis 2 PC
Remember the first time you woke up in the middle of some Japanese cave with old dead Japanese soldiers around you, and you had to find your way out? Remember the excitement of the door opening unto a lush tropical landscape filled with trees and gorgeous water? All this was shattered when the first bullet flew over your head. From then on it was a fight for survival with many different twist and hardships to endure. Wasn't that one of the greatest times in PC history? For me it was, when I was able to purchase a 6800GT to be able to play "Far Cry" at max detail. I then waited and bought a new PC with three GT275 overclocked GPU's. I watched in amazement as I fell though the sky and onto a beach, and I will remember for always the first alien encounter on that island. "Crysis" was everything we had wanted in a shooter and then some. Unfortunately it's still a beast of a game to play, and most PC gamers still can't play it. Both games; however, had great enemies to fight, and they used cover, and advanced squad tactics and put up a very good fight.

Now "Crysis 2" is out, and it's simply drop dead gorgeous, and easier to run than the first, it's just so unfortunate that the enemy you fight seem to be too happy to take in the sights of the city rather than fight you. It's like Crytek made a city so gorgeous the enemy said "Screw it" we are not going to fight. When I am standing right next to two enemy soldiers and blow one's head off, the other should react but just stands there. I kicked a car into the middle of the street and the enemy just stood there. I threw a grenade into the middle of three and they just stood there. They do nothing, I threw my weapons down on the ground in front of them, and they just stand there!! To be fair, once they start to understanding they are being killed, they start to shoot back, but only after half of them are killed. I don't want to even talk about the Aliens, because if they were able to take over "New York" we deserve to die.

Crysis two is a gorgeous game, and a show piece for any computer with enough power to crank out the graphics. I upgraded to a new "GTX 580", and couldn't be happier. The old three-way GT270 SLI was destroyed by just that one card. My PC can crank out both Crysis with full detail, and the second just blows the other one away in terms of looks and achievements. It's just too bad that the "AI" didn't come alone for the ride. It does not make sense to me, they could have just ported the old "AI" and have a much better game.

Over all, I still give this game a higher score than it deserves. It's the eye candy; it's just amazing to look at. It's not a bad shooter, the "AI" can put up a fight, but it's just getting them to do it. The story is lackluster, but good. I still think this is a step back for Crytek, and I hope they can recover and come out with a much better game, or at least fix the "AI" with a patch.

I am still hoping "Jack Carver" will be back someday, we need a real "Far Cry 2".

P.S. I didn't forget about "Far Cry 2", I just didn't like the fact that it was not a direct sequel to the original. It was still a great game, just not what I really wanted. :-p