Too much summer blockbuster

User Rating: 8 | Crysis 2 PC

When Crysis 1 came out it was the most beautiful looking game that money couldn't support. If Crysis was going to have a sequel no console could support it and would exceed all expectations. However this was quite the opposite.


Crysis 2's story is much more intricit than the previous title. Not political by much but still more fleshed out. Basically you're the guy who has the suit everyone wants and they are going to kill you. You go to the most generic location. New York City. What where they thinking? Oh well, whatever sells. It will keep your mind entertained. But it's way too Micheal Bay. We'll get more into that.


The gameplay of Crysis is much more watered down than the original. But still you can sneak and become super strong or guarded. You go around shooting with various weapons from point A to point B but the levels bottle kneck. It's still fast paced fun. More polished than Crysis 2. Thus the AI is smarter. Everything is linear, but still good. I had much fun grabbing the aliens and soldiers by the neck and throwing them. The level design though feels vacant and like a cardboard set in a movie still is fun to explore. Minor RPG elements are implemented.

Good luck accessing multiplayer. EA shut it down.Heck.


Crysis 2's graphics aren't much better than Crysis 1. Matter infact, in many ways they are worse. Crysis has low resolution textures, amongst other things. Crysis 2 enables tessellation but it only uses it on stupid garbage like walls and ceilings. The art is even worse. Everything looks like it's straight out of Micheal Bay's wet dreams. On the plus side, plenty of lighting effects and beautiful particle effects that make it all manly. To improve cinema, you can get gimmicky 3D glasses with a gimmicky 3D TV


Crysis cranks it up too 11 with cheesy lines, scary sci-fi sounds, and epic EPIC Hanz Zimmer music.


Crysis is worth the cheap download. I recommend to anyone who wants to have a good time at a shallow expense.