A great looking shooter that had more value than i thought

User Rating: 8 | Crysis 2 PS3

The game opens with a bang where you play a marine called Alcatraz. He get's attacked and gets rescued by Prophet. It turns out that Prophet is dying and kills himself to give you the suit and a chance to survive. He gives you the task to stop the invasion from the Aliens attacking New York. But that doesn't seem to be the only obstacle, there are also other human parties involved that get in your way trying to stop you.

The shooting mechanics are as solid as any other shooter. It feels solid and it combines it with the excellent gameplay of the suit. The suit gives the singleplayer and the multiplayer an extra depth compared to other games. You can go stealth or make the suit be armored and be more of a rambo style player, shooting everything in site. The difficulty is uneven at times even on easier difficulties. It often feels that some sections are easy to get passed, but then there are sections where the AI just suddenly get's a lot more diffuclt compared to the rest of the game. That makes it frustrating at times. I felt that it often wasn't my fault that i died, but that the difficulty spiked a lot and i was suddenly overwhelmed. The game felt otherwise smooth when it comes to the gameplay. Making it possible to approach a situation in different ways and encourage it by giving you weapons for the job. The progression is also well done in the game, making it possible for you to choose how you want to upgrade the suit to fit your playstyle. The multiplayer also gives you several modes to explore. There are the regular modes that most games have. The deatmatch, free for all and others. There is also a progression system common to the genre. You get to upgrade your suit and weapons with perks and additional gear. The gameplay is solid there aswell with. The framerate also never drops, which makes the gameplay smooth and fun to play. The maps are also well thought out with different sizes and locations.

The story is interesting at times, where the character goes through political and philisophical issues. But Prophet doesn't really speak that much, which makes the story a little less effective. You get most of the story through what others tell you and Prophet doesn't really add that much to the story. He seems to be more of a tool than a character. The supporting characters are more fleshed out and help the story. But when the main character has around ten lines through the entire game, it doesn't help the story that much either. As a player you never feel anything for the character you are playing.

I encountererd several graphical errors through the game which took me a little out of the experience. There were several times were some enemies just stood around or items popped in and out in the textures. The game looks great, there is no doubt there. But when there are errors and bugs that come frequently, it does take you out of the experience at times. The framerate however is smooth through the entire game and i never encountered any drops of it.

The game gives you around 10 hours of story. The story doesn't really give you that much replay value except for the harder difficulties or perhaps some trophies/achievments. The multiplayer is where the game provides you with most replay value. There are enough modes to play, and it is more polished than most shooters. But if you want some different modes in a shooter like a co-op or a long singleplayer, then this might not be for you. But if you like the first person shooter genre, it is a game you might want to explore.


The game doesn't really do anything new in the genre, but it gives you value for the money by giving you the suit that is in Crysis. It gives you enough variation to play in singleplayer and multiplayer. But there are some bugs in the singleplayer that can take you out of the experience.

Gameplay - 9

Story - 7

Graphics - 8

Audio - 7

Value - 9

Tilt - 9

Overall - 8.2