crysis 1 got a 7.5 and a hope of improvements on bugs and suit use, but what they fixed they lost the rest

User Rating: 6 | Crysis 2 PC

Ok so I enjoyed crysis 1, I did it got a 7.5 only because the maximum editions was severally bugged and gltiched and suit controls were clunky. Number 1 was a solid shooter.

Ok number 2 here, they fixed the clunky suit stuff, with just 2 functions the really the armor and the stealth, nicely done, change over was easy and flawless. No bugs or glitches, not even one on my end this go around, could be because of steam or not I have no idea, but good job on that. The rest of the game, felt wrong, I play a lot of shooters and you just know something is just blah, the game was blah, I felt no engagement too the character of the story, other than just being pushed to do go here, do this, they need help, blah, blah, blah. At lest in the first one I felt a part of the story and had an idea of why I was doing what I was doing and making it feel heroic. Here it's just blah, Christ there is no way to explain it.

To be honest I had no desire to engage in shooting combat in the game, the AI for enemies was good, I have to give them that, if they heard something they actively seeked out the source and would employ counter-measures for stealth. Nicely done, you get a score of 6 just for that, but that is where your brilliance of the game ends, was far to easy to just stealth and kill, stealth and kill, hit, kill, the only thing you could do that too where the heavies and the big robot guy not even sure what he was called. While I would have liked this to be a good shooter it wasn't. If anything the game took a few steps back, we'll have to wait for number 3 to get to 4.99 to try that one, they changed a lot in that one from what I could see in the vids. So here's hoping.