Crysis 2 broke after PS3 system update

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#1 RhealNotes
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I haven't run a system update probably in years. I still like to pick up and play Crysis 2 once in a while have had been doing so just fine only a week ago.

I thought I'd run a PS3 system update to see what's new... seems to go through all fine. Everything looks a little different, but whatever.. So I go to play my Crysis 2, and there's a problem.

It's like my guy is too tall and once in a while too short.. like if I jump near a doorway I can see outside the level.. and it's tricky difficult to melee anything nearby because the aim is all way off due to the height thing.. then I have to jump around like crazy to pick up the nanocrap they leave behind (I know, I have like 3 million of the stuff I don't need more, but that's not the point)

It's pretty much unplayable. I guess you can't go back to older PS3 system updates, right?

I tried everything I could think of (not much) start a new game, that kind of thing. It doesn't seem to allow for an install to HD or anything like that, and there was no game data to delete.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. I'll probably end up going and buying some cheap old copy of Crysis 2 for the xbox 360. :-/

Regardless, thanks for your time.

Cheers, Andrew