Hard to configure, but an excellent game with a compelling story, interesting combat and terrifying horror elements.

User Rating: 8.5 | Cryostasis PC
Crippleld by a finicky engine, this won't be played by most people who might like it. Cryostasis has a unique take on telling a story, reversing the outcome of a horrifying tale. The threads tangle and unravel to reveal a terrific ethical dilemma and a tale of wrong turns and redemptive second chances.

The gameplay slightly resembles a Silent Hill game, where proper weapon use, ammo conservation and preparation are important to progress. The monsters have a nice consistent feel and their tormented souls come through in the audio and combat. Most of all, the cold: it's palpable. I found myself clutching at my fleece and shivering. The trapped in feeling, especially on a ship with a nuclear reactor, is pervasive and addictive.

If you find your attention flagging, I'll assure you the ending pays off well. I would advise going in without researching the ending further.

Technical elements, or Cryostasis' achilles heel: the engine is NVidia focused, uses esoteric elements of the driver platform and it's slow. I had to reduce my resolution significantly to get it to perform adequately. Otherwise, I had to run from the AI to defend against graphics lag. There are a boss or two early that you will need decent FPS to fight, so tuning the engine is a process that needs to happen up front. Fiddle with settings until it works. The reward is worth it.