A good history ruined by glitches,bugs,Poor Ai,and very bad game play the lack of gore its another essential fault.

User Rating: 4 | Cryostasis PC
Cryostasis the sleep of reason review By Roper:

A good horror fps ruined by multiple bugs let`s begin the review:

Introduction: Cryostasis it`s a horror fps shooter that translate you to the year 1968 the game take place in the north pole. You take control of Alexander Nesterov a meteorologist that get traped inside the nuclear ship infested with zombies.

Graphics 6/10: The graphics are fine but the game have serious bugs in the rendering and have some serious issues with performance even in a high end pc it`s difficult to get more than 30-40 fps the company don`t relase any patch to fix this problem the game needs a patch to have support by physix. In the other hand the game freezes wen you changue the Vsync to off. The game don`t have any gore.

Game-play 3/10: This is the worst parte of the game your character move soo slow that you can`t react fine to the attacks, as if there was not enough you have a histamina meters wen you run or punch but this histamina ends very fast, you have to get warm to refill your health, The enemy Ai it`s very badly not even have any Ai, the game have several bugs with the firearms and the flashlight , the chapters becomes very repetitive.

Sound: 6/10: The gameplay sounds are fine but have soome issues.

Music 1/10: The game don`t have music wen you are playing. A essential part of any horror game.

Replay value 1/10: The game don`t have any replay value.

Multiplayer: N/A.