Great fps that nobody understand, very underrated.

User Rating: 9 | Cryostasis PC
when i first had a chance to play this game i was on a Gameworld (Igromir convention) It is surprise me how advanced those graphics where for the time it definitely better than doom and sometime near not afraid of this word "like crysis" enviroments, not characters, no. But that was only visual expression that i've impressed by.. after i played this game i've started to follow to it's release, but it never happend long time.
When it first came out i was really disappoint of how they make optimization works, well it really sucks. But! I never had a one playthrough, because something happen my system it were broke or hard broke, so i had a long time before i've again upgrade my system and be able to play this game on at least stable settings...
This game is stunned me after i've finnish it. i have so much impression after, it's really really and very very humanistic game it rises much more questions about human nature than any game i have been play it's really teach you something, i mean it's like a book.. and this book about high morals and difficult sometimes very difficult choices that we people make in our lives this game is not for those who seeks FUN it's for those who seeks TRUTH, GUIDANCE, and MEANING of LIFE, this game is for true searcher's. If you can forget about it's optimization it may change your the view on world.