A fantastic DOS Game

User Rating: 9.5 | Crusader: No Remorse PC
One of the best DOS games there is, in my opinion. The music is great, the action is great, the animations are great, graphics are great and the gameplay is great. Although by saying great, I don't mean that there is no problems within this game at all, because there are just a few, but apart from that this game rocks.

I first played this game when I was about 5 or 6 years old and I was immediately hooked to the game. Everything just sucked me right into the game and from then on, I have loved it ever since. Although it sucks that the only way to play it is on DOsBox, but I could always get an old hard drive and stick windows 95 or 98 onto it. But if you can get DosBox and you have this game, then play it immediately because it most definitely is worth it.

For the time, the music was great and I really loved listening to it every time I played the game and started shooting people. The In-Game movies are also great and they are really well done. It really gets you into the mood of the game and it feels like you really are the character.

I like the storyline and I feel it is pretty well done for the time of this game. One thing that I have noticed is that for the time, being a DOS game, it has incredible graphics. It just blows my mind that they did so well. The graphics, in my opinion, are better than some modern games. Even though this game isn't a FPS but more like a Top-down shooter, it still has better graphics than some games.

Of course with all this good stuff there is some bad stuff as well. Such as some of the controls not working at times. The jumping isn't too good. Sometimes I want to jump over a bridge that has been damaged, and my character ends up hitting something or not making the distance and then I fall into some water and die. Stuff like that is really annoying.

Sometimes the character doesn't move fast enough and he can get stuck quite easily which causes some problems, but you can always get out. Not after some messing around with it though.

All in all , the game is great. With a few tweaks here and there, it can be perfect. I just hope that they make a sequel one day. That would be one hell of a game.