The best racing game ever to date! got really excited about the cars! get ready for fun.

User Rating: 10 | Cruis'n WII
it really looks like it's made of The fast & the furious, but it's definetely looks more fun than that arcade racer, I have been fun of this game & I like this new one!

the tunning & the cars are all looks incredibly awesome & made of win!
but oh come on Midway, you should have put up ferrari or lamborghing so the game can gets more fans...

if you're a fan of an arcade racer game like the fast & the furious then you should get this game & gives a chance then you will the feeling of different between those 2 games unless you spend over 2 hours on it & such.
the music are fun & it suits the game, the graphics totally looks pretty sweet for this game, I can tell by looking at the cars, the game has improved but all what we need for now is waiting for another one & we want more super cars even if it was japanese cars! lol X3

good job midway keeps going!
we want more of this game...