Amazing!!! Great fun for low price lots of cars and sick upgrades

User Rating: 9 | Cruis'n WII
Lots of unlockable cars and levels. Alot of radio stations and tons of cool upgrades. Very good price! will never need another racing game again can play for hours on end and great replay value! None of that over realistic crap in the game either. You can smash through stuff and get points for it plus you get alot of air time. Hopefully they will make another one! It works great with the wii racing wheel as well! A Must Buy! If you do not have this game yet GOOOO GET IT!!! Hurry hurry hurry! Even better than the old classic games. You can get a corvette evven and trick it out like sick nasty rad style! I have not been going to school for weeks since I bought this game and im about to drop out so i can go pro at it and start making money by winning tournaments off of it!

I will leave you with a quote:
"No I cant come to the party tonight, Im to busy playing CRUSIN!!!!"