Best racing game ever so far for the wii.

User Rating: 9 | Cruis'n WII
I have no clue why people don't like this game. They said it had bad graphics bad controls and looked ugly. All of that is NOT TRUE at all. When i first got this game, it was like a new revelution of racing games.

Great graphics
Responsive controls
lots of good racing music
many cars and tracks
not that bad loading times
you can customize your cars.

sound effects
sort of short
Trust me don't trust Gamespot on this game at all. They made it sound so horrible but its not bad at all. The longest loading times will be a maximum of 20 seconds.(not long at all) in the game you can customize your cars to your perfection. i like how your can use nitrous. Hit the A button and then a big NITROUS you show in front of the screen quickly. To me thats is just awsome!! This game was definantly worth 30$, go and buy it!!!