CRC 2005 Review!

User Rating: 8.7 | Cross Racing Championship 2005 PC
Right as you look at the box art you realize that this a 100% racing sim. And also you better have a really good pc for it. As I have now have a AMD Athlon64 3000+oc'ed to 2.2ghz, 1gigram, and a now am on pcixpress with a geforce 6800xt256mb video card. . I can now run CRC maxed . And also if you have onboard audio I dont recomend playing this game with it as the sound is horrible and crappy sounding with distortion if does work. I now have a soundblaster 24bit live. I recomend using a sound card! Now the game is awesome. The game is absolute fun if you have a really good steering wheel. I have the Logitech Driving Force Pro. The AI is smart if your not on easy. If under the pro setting it is really hard. I dont reccomend playing this game without a steering wheel! The fact that there are modding tools available from Invictus is totally awesome and being able to simply copy your music to the game folder for custom music is also a huge plus! And that no one is racing online is a little of a disappointment **** too! This is a really good racing game for online! The graphics are simply stunning. The bumbp mapping looks beautiful! World detail is amazing also. But if you want to truly enjoy the beauty of this game you need to have a 6600 gpu at least!

This is a really great game that didnt get enough hype and support because no one plays this game online. And what has helped me stay even more sucked into the game is that I have add killer custom v8 sounds to the pickup and buggy. They now have high revving v8 sounds that just sound so awesome on my soundblaster. Being able to mod the game easily is the best saving point of this game. The game just didnt get enough press to help it self to the mainstream.

This is a really good game with a mix of sim and arcade. Its sim is not as hardcore as gtr, nascar, or richard burns rally, but isnt total arcade. It is perdy tought at first if your not very good at these types of games. Certains cars are more forgiving like the buggy and corsus as where the scheforn and pickup like to hang on the loose side. even though this game has asphalt racing its physice tie more into the offroad part. You must have a really good rig for this game to enjoy it in dx9. Otherwise you wont get the mud effects and damage will not come out as clearly. Also onboard sound should be a no go as it will sound very bad. That is why i bought a soundblaster for like $30. It is a very good game, but has its flaws and invictus needs to tackle their lake of cars and tracks to make this title to have more replay value.