A great JRPG, which great great chatacters and easy to use battle system,

User Rating: 8 | Cross Edge PS3
Cross edge is a turn based Japanese RPG. The game is set in an alternate universe where people from our world, the demon world and the magic world have been bought together to save the souls of people from an evil force within the alternate universe.

Gameplay- The game has a turn based battle system whereby you have 4 character. Each character can equip up to 4 move which are all different and have different attack areas. Each move costs so many AP. You basically use the moves to take out the opponents.

There are many characters in the game all with different moves and costumes to unlock. There are original characters from the game and some from games like Disgaea and Darkstalker chronicles.

In the game you will have to search the world looking for souls, you have to find so many souls to get the next event which advances the games story. The game itself story is pretty good but the game is very difficult and demands alot of training up

Graphics- The graphics are sprit graphics like Disgaea, but character designs are amazing.

Sound- The games soundtrack is really good, one of my favourites there's allot of good and original music in the game and great voice acting.

Summary- Its not for everyone but I really enjoy this game a lot, The game is very difficult and takes along time to complete. I do recommend it to all those JRPG fans out there.

+ Great character designs
+ Great music
+ Lots of weapons, armours and items

- Difficult
- Demands lots of level grinding