The worst game I have ever played

User Rating: 2 | Criticom PS
This game is probably the worst fighting game I have ever played in my life.

Seems like Kronos can't make a good game no matter how they try. If you look to Krono's Cardinal Syn, the game have a good graphic interface, very fluid, very consistent for the platform (PS1), but the gameplay is always poor.

Criticom have a non-fluid movement of the characters and the gameplay is poor as well. I mean, in Criticom there is no Combos or variety of attacking movements (such as ⇐⇙⇓⇘⇒ + Punch or ⇓⇙⇐+ Kick), the best option is to win by Ring Out (knocking your opponent of the platform).

If you like to collect fighting games no matter how bad they are, this is a game you will never forget, you probably will forget about non-famous good games such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but Criticom? Hard to forget this nightmare.

Worth playing for just to know how bad a game can be, I guarantee you that you will have trouble finding a worse game than this one.