The story is good but the game mechanics can be annoying at times.

User Rating: 8 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
It's good to know that Square-Enix tries to expand the FFVII universe. Fans like me would be squealing since we would be able to see Sephiroth, even though just for a few short cutscenes. Weeeeeeeeeeee. Pure bliss.

But a great game should both have a good story and an engaging gameplay. And talking about gameplay, it's a love and hate affair for me. The combat is actually that good. It's similar to Kingdom Hearts. And it is more than just a hack n' slash game since enemies especially the bosses will really give you a lot of hurt if you just rush openly. So you're main character is provided with moves but sadly there's no jump button. Why did they not include that? The evade and guard moves are pretty helpful but why u no have jump? Dissidia-style combat anyone?

And secondly there's the random slot machine thing. To tell the truth, it really did help me out a lot but could they think of a better way other than just that. It gets annoying at times and I don't want to base my combat effectiveness on just pure luck. *sigh*

As of now, I'm still early in the game and I'm willing to give this game a second try. But it's the time where you usually think if the game is made for you or not right? First impression lasts.