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User Rating: 9.5 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
Crisis Core is an Action RPG game just like KH2 which I recommend to everyone who likes the genre. It's a must-have title for PSP though. I'm not putting it in term of a FF fanboy (which I am) but I've gotta admit that CC has the best graphics I've ever seen from PSP (of course, not forget to mention that GOW also has very powerful graphics). The music in the game is also top-notch. Of course, music from FF universe are all beautifully written.

Anyway, let's get to the gameplay. CC introduces us with DMW which is the spinning reel thing during the combat. Well if you have a 7 at all slot when the reel stop, it grants you with bonus like No AP Cost, No MP Cost to Invincibility but it lasts only for about I'm not sure 30 secs? Also if you get character with the same portrait on the left and the right slots, you have a chance to perform Limit Break move and also leveling up if you get 777 straight. Also if you put material in your equipment slot said slot 4. If you get two-4 when the reel stops then your material in Slot 4 will level up. If you get straight 4, your material level up by 2 levels. This gives the sense of satisfaction each time you level up.

Also, it introduces to us Material Fusion. For example, Fire + Blizzard = Thunder. That sort of things. It is a must to do material fusion though if you want to make Zack powerful enough to tackle the later bosses and it's a must do for HARD mode if you want to survive RANDOM encounter. Now with that said, I'm not going to mention about how it works coz it will take paragraphs. The HARD mode is extremely extremely difficult. I don't recommend those who haven't tried Normal mode. The enemies is a lot tougher and their attacks have been enhanced so powerful that if you're still learning how to play, the normal Shinra soldiers could take you out in seconds!!! Anyway, I think it's a welcome challenge because in Normal Mode, sometimes you feel like you're just button-mashing away but in Hard Mode, you wont have a chance to even take your eyes off the screen for a few seconds.

For the story I must say that SquareEnix has made a great prequel to the FF7 franchise. It has almost all the elements that are missing about Zack in the original FF7. It also gives us much insights about G-project that is often mentioned in FF7:DoC. Furthermore, it doesn't require you to have any knowledge about the previous titles at all, so for those who are wondering if they might not be able to understand the story, you can starts this game right off the bat.

Okay, oh. The mission is the reason why I gave it a 9.5 instead of 10. It seems like you're traveling in the same maps all over and over and over again. It's kidda boring but then some mission are essential to do if you want to improve your character. The ability to do side missions at the same point is great because if you get stuck somewhere along the storyline because your character is too weak you can just start playing the mission to make your Zack better.

Okay, the bottomline is FF7:CC is the best Action RPG PSP title ever made. A solid story!. Music is beautifully written!. Graphics is terrific! Go get this game NOW!